Baptism & Child Dedication

This Sunday is our next Baptism and Child Dedication celebration at the Suncoast AND these are always my favorite services. The Gospel is all about new life and what an exciting way to celebrate that new life!

Parents, you are celebrating this new life that God has blessed you with! And, in several places in the Bible you see parents taking their children to the temple to "dedicate" them to God's service. It is letting the church / world know you want to raise them in a Christ-Following home AND you need their help doing it. As a church we will commit to praying for you and your children and we will commit to providing a church environment that partners with you in leading them to their Savior.

To have your birth - 5th grader dedicated just show up 10-minutes early to the Guest Services Kiosk in the back of the cafetorium.

Students and Adults, you are celebrating new life in Christ. At some point (most likely in the not so distant past) you have made a decision to follow Jesus. To invite Him into your life for the forgiveness of your sins, and receive His new life! Baptism identifies you with Jesus and let's the church / world know about your personal decision. The church will be clapping and celebrating as you come up out of the waters!

Now, I know we have had 80 degree weather all winter up until this Sunday, go figure, but don't let that stop you from obeying this command of Jesus to, "Get up and be baptized!" We will be adding some hot water right before the baptism so it will be bearable!

To be baptized show up 10-minutes early at the Guest Services Kiosk for some last minute instructions.

It is going to be a GREAT Sunday, full of new life!

Be on time church!!! We roll child dedication first!!!

Invite your friends and family!

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