The Sunday That Was (February 26)

This past Sunday we were missing two staff members (and their hard working families) so we had some holes to fill and I just wanted to start out by saying thank you to all the people who stepped up and filled those holes. GREAT JOB! We are blessed to have a "bench" at the Suncoast!

It was a good service all the way around to close out the month of February. Everything got set up, the place looked good, there were greeters outside and inside, there were new faces, the cafe was pumping out the coffee, the tech team was flawless, the band sounded good, there were a TON of kids and plenty of hard working volunteers to love, care, and teach them... the guy bringing the message did a pretty good job too... AND one young lady accepted Christ! Go God!!!

If you missed the message you can catch it online tomorrow in podcast or video form. You can also get the Church of the Suncoast APP from our website too, it will bring all the message content to you plus prayer requests and online giving.

I really feel like God did some work in some people's lives this week. We talked about manipulation, both people who do it to us, and how we do it to others. When Rita was working on the video to put online she said, "Wow you prayed a long time!" It was over 6-minutes, but I just felt like giving you guys the chance to admit/confess some stuff and have the chance to cry out to God for courage to set some clear boundaries with people who try to control us. I truly believe God set some of us free Sunday and put us on a path to surrendering to HIM and NOT to those who would try to impose their will on us. Like I said on Sunday, there was a lot to think about so I hope you will listen to, or watch, the message again.

At the end of the service I made a big push for this week's round of NEXT Groups. You can get all the info here on our news page. I know we don't have groups on every night of the week to accommodate everyone's schedule, but hear me out. If you are a Christ-Follower and you are not connecting in Biblical community through serving, through one on one lunches or coffee, or in a NEXT Group then I believe you are not really living the Christian life! Jesus "did life" with a small group of guys and gals, and as our model why do we think we are above that example:
  • We are too busy?
  • We don't need it?
  • We are afraid?
There is not a good reason to not be in Biblical community with other followers of Jesus! Bottom line! This week is the come back party where the people who showed up for week number one are planning something fun for you. Will you show up? I can promise you when you come under the authority of God's plan for your life you will be glad you did it!!! Again, all the info is HERE.

IF you are one of our awesome volunteers DON'T MISS THIS SATURDAY NIGHT'S Volunteer Community, 7pm @ the Warehouse! Lots of fun, food, and that community thing I was just ranting about. Bring the family. You can let us know you are coming by e-mailing Rita at:

Finally, be praying for the staff and I tomorrow. We are making a HUGE decision that will potentially impact the future of our church and take us a new level. It is really exciting and we will hopefully be making an announcement in the coming weeks! I love my church!

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