The Sunday That Was (February 5)

Yesterday was a GOOD day at the Suncoast.

The day began at 4:15am for me as usual, my time of going over my message for a couple hours went well, felt like I was ready to deliver it effectively with God's help. Set up went smooth even though we were down a man. The band showed up for practice early! Musicians are never early!!! Just kidding... But, no lie I turned around and they were done, ready to go. Great job guys! But, overall the pre-service morning just went smooth.

The room was fuller, glad to see that, the band opened with "All Because of Jesus" and "Our God is love." I did some welcoming and the offering, awesome video during the offering by the way, then we sang an old DCB song, "O Praise Him" and it was onto the message, part 5 of "Balanced."

I really thought this message hit home! I don't know if by the fifth straight week all this finally sunk in, or God just moved, or what? But, I felt like the message "connected." The main idea was discontentment is dangerous! And, the thing that drives your discontentment and mine is awareness. Our awareness drives our discontentment. You were happy with what you had until you became AWARE of something better out there. So, we have to learn how to starve this appetite in our lives. Because, if we don't we will fall into a trap and it has the potential to ruin our relationship with God (1 Timothy 6:10). The bottom line is we have to shift our awareness to the things that matter, the things of God, let our discontentment of where we are at there shift our discontentment with our stuff. If you have some time give the message a listen, or another listen this week. The podcast / podcast is up now, and the message will be up Tuesday afternoon.

The service ended with a few big things coming up:

Baptism and Child Dedication THIS Sunday
If you would like to take your next step of baptism or have your birth - 5th grader dedicated PLEASE arrive 10-minutes early at the Guest Services Kiosk for some last minute info. (I can't wait to dedicate our little Sophie)

Next Groups
NEXT Group sign ups have begun and you can get all the info on the news page of our website. You have to check a group out this semester! This is where the real "church" happens.

Finally, as everyone was tearing down Sunday I walked back by our Coastal Kids area and DANG! Kids everywhere! I love seeing that. Love our kids ministry. Love that we are a young enough church to be having kids!!! Love seeing them in action.

I love my church! -- Now, get baptized on Sunday! :-)

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