The Sunday That Was (February 19)

Got to start off by saying GREAT job to the guys in the band. You guys nailed it yesterday. We had fun, we rocked out, and we reflected all in the course of about 12 - 13 minutes. Great job in getting us on our feet and then on our face before Jesus.

The morning started out with the typical set up. People showed up from 7am - 7:30am and got things rolling. So much work goes into just making one Sunday happen, I am constantly blown away and grateful. We had a little issue with the lights but resorted to the Microsoft way of solving issues. We turned everything off and back on!
During the service we set up the new series called "Those" People with some movie clips from Meet the Parents and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I can't think of anymore difficult people than those! Tried to cover both generations of Suncoasters. Good stuff.

For the first installment of "Those" People, we looked at the "needy" people in our lives. You know the ones, they call you and leave 8-minute voice mails! Here are some key thoughts I am still thinking over and trying to apply:
  • The reason we are studying this is because we are all "Those" people at one time or another and we hope someone is taking notes so they can deal with us!
  • My goal is we become a church so filled with love that, "Those" people feel like we are the church for them!
  • The reason this matters is because if we don't help people in the right way, we can actually end of hurting them more and if we are not careful, we end of hurting ourselves too.
  • Relief is immediate and temporary assistance (think natural disaster).
  • Restoration is working with people to restore them to their God-given potential (think an addict).
  • The problem is we offer relief when what people often really need is restoration!
  • Acts 3:1-7 - Peter didn't give a hand out, he gave a hand up and the man became strong!
  • SO... three prayers: 1) God, help me give people what they truly need not just what they want. 2) God, help me stay out of your way by not continually rescuing people from their consequences. 3) God, help me remember that I'm in need too and that YOU ARE ALWAYS THE ANSWER!
This is all stuff I am learning with you guys. I can't wait for this week's talk on Manipulative people! Don't miss it and BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU! This series is perfect for anyone to jump into to no matter where they are spiritually.

After the service we had our NEXT Group leaders and hosts in the back for NEXT Group sign ups because they start THIS WEEK!!! Yes, this week! I talked about them on Friday here on my blog, so just read the post right before this one called, "New and Next" and you can hear why I think you need to be in one. All you need to do is show up:

Sunday Night // Middle and High School, 7pm

Tuesday Night // Adults, 7pm

Wednesday Night // Adults, 7pm

And, the last thing I have for you from "The Sunday that was" is don't forget about Volunteer Community on Saturday, March 3rd. We will be giving you guys that volunteer the Christmas photo's, eating Cuban's, black beans and rice, and playing some kind of dancing game because that was just way too funny at the last Volunteer Community, and if you see a video of me from it online know that it was my stunt double!

Love you guys and I love my church!

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