Calling All Creative Readers...

NEXT weekend at Church of the Suncoast we are starting a brand new series called, "Reenergize Your Life."

We are comparing the excitement and energy we had as kids playing the board game to our lack of excitement and energy for the real thing today. We will be talking about how to:

> Restore Your Passion // Mother's Day

> Reduce Your Pressure

> Refocus Your Priorities

So who has some creative ideas for videos, songs, drama ideas, anything... If you send me an idea AND WE USE IT... I will drop you a gift card to Starbucks in the mail and give credit to you right here on The Church Insider (Hey, over 650 people have read this thing from every part of the planet in 4 months. What more do you want? I'm a no name church planter.)

E-mail me at

The more specific you can be the better (movie clip times, the links to stuff...)

Good Luck! Get Creative!

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