Sunday (5.6) in the Rearview

This past Sunday was only the 56th service at Church of the Suncoast. We also put the wraps on our series "Live in HD." (If you are a church planter out there I would love to send you this series on a resource cd with the messages, graphics, service scripts and so on... E-mail me at and don't forget to include your address)

Here are some first thoughts:
  • I made a real, you know, out of myself when a drama we used went longer in practice then I had planned. We made some adjustments to the video playing with it and all was fine. The point... I had to apologize. Never fun.
  • The music was really good. I had some of the toughest critics I know in the audience and they both said they enjoyed it. (I have been praying for our band and music for the past month and God seems to be moving them to a new level.)
  • Speaking of music we did a Van Halen intro number that was cool.
  • Our attendance was down a little from April. We had an even 100. BUT, our bottom is higher so that means growth. April was a great month. We averaged 112!
  • This series has been good. It covered a lot of the basics, but we all need to be reminded of those.
  • Our new volunteer central has been a hit. Really simple food and just a place to hang out has made a real difference in the volunteers mood before a service. They seem more relaxed...
  • We had a little ministry fair deal after the service and we had 8 people sign up for a ministry of their choice! Others might return the card this week. I was praying for 12 new volunteers.
  • I finally nailed a joke :-)

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