Staff Meetings for a Church Plant

Today we have our bi-monthly staff meeting so here is what I will be doing for those out there that might be wondering what we do as a church plant with mostly volunteer and part time staff. Church planters e-mail me for more detailed info:

What stories do you have from the past two weeks that let you know we are still accomplishing our purpose of helping people take their next steps with God?

Relevant Environments
It takes all three of these ingredients to create relevant environments for God to work. So was the: A) CONTEXT appealing , B) PRESENTATION engaging, C) CONTENT helpful???

Staying Blessed
Three things keep people positioned for blessing and favor: Purity, Maturity, & Unity. So:

Have you been running from temptation?
How have your quiet times been?
How is your financial giving?
Who have you invited to church recently?
What negative conversations have you squelched?

Ministry Reports
What is going on in your area of ministry? What do we need to know?

Book Look
We will be going over "The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team" part 1.

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