Mother's Day '07 in the Rearview

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We of course celebrated Mother's Day at the Suncoast. We had two adorable little kids give each mom / woman a flower. We also had a special prayer time for moms and a really funny video.

We also kicked off a new series called "Reenergize Your Life." I had a creative contest here on the Church Insider and my wife won the prize, "Nepotism, nepotism..." So, Cheryl will get a $5 Starbucks card and you can too if you read below and send me a creative idea that we use in the next two weeks.

Here are some more thoughts:
  • I have never seen people come to church as late as this week. When the countdown clock stopped at 10:02 we had 12 people in the seats!!! By the end of the service we had 98...? Did anyone else have this happen this week?
  • We were down this week which was a bit of a surprise. Usually Mother's Day is your last big crowd before Summer. This was one of our lowest crowds in the past 6 weeks?
  • Our tech guys keep getting better and better. Media Shout crashed hard about 20 minutes before the service and we didn't have a chance to practice. BUT, they nailed it. Sound, media, lights... all perfect.
  • We have a great group of volunteers!!!
  • The service went about 10 minutes over last week so this week I promised to be 5 minutes shorter. During my talk I kept rushing things and never felt comfortable with it. Don't think I will ever make that promise again :-)
  • Everyone seemed dead this week. I think our 3 key laughers were not there so everyone else was afraid to break the silence. Either that or my jokes really sucked?
  • It takes a long time to get a Diet Coke flat. I used an illustration of how so many of our lives have lost their energy, their fizz, their carbonation and then I shook up a bottle of Coke and opened it on people. It was flat though to make the point... It took me 3 days to get the dumb thing flat enough to pull that off.
  • I don't know what God is up to right now with this church, but I think we are going to have a big fall here at the Suncoast.

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