Sunday (5.20) in the Rearview

Some random thoughts:
  • We had a decent crowd of 103. (Wow, it is cool to be able to say a decent day is 103... this time last year that would have been amazing. 13 + months into a church from scratch and we can have a decent day of 103... From 10 people in my living room with no idea how we would pull this off to today. Cool stuff. Go God!)
  • We did a Queen song in church. (Actually, it was the My Chemical Romance version of "Under Pressure") I think we had the vocals too low and we should have had some backup singers. Our little band did a great job though considering they don't get much practice! Try pulling off worship & special music in a 45 minute practice :-) I wish I was that talented.
  • Next weekend is Memorial Day and the beginning of summer in our area. It will be interesting to see how low we go this summer. Last year we dropped our numbers in 1/2!!! We started in April, had about 6 good weeks and then summer hit. If you are thinking about launching a church in the Spring THINK AGAIN!!!
  • Next week we will be making a big announcement about our future (I hope).
  • The message went well. Very few times as a communicator will you walk off the stage and feel good about things. This was one of those rare times (even though my big joke bombed)
  • God is going to do something big this fall at the Suncoast! It's building and I can feel it.

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