Blogs I Like & Why?

Every blogger has a list of other blogs they read. But, why do they read them??? Here is my list and why I spend time looking at them:
We all know about lousy church marketing... all those church signs with those really bad sayings on them. Yuck. Church Marketing Sucks is a great place to find out how to market your church without looking like all those other churches. Plus their stuff is track tested. It's not just pie in the sky stuff.
Written by a guy that is not even a church leader. That is why I read this blog. It's fresh. It's innovative. And, if you click through the categories you will find a wealth of great ideas.
This is a personal friend of mine who started a church in north Georgia. He is open and honest. I like that. Plus he has been wildly successful, that helps. And, I don't know how he has the time to do all he does. I respect his work ethic and excellence.
This is another personal friend and mentor of mine. Hal is a big leader. No pun intended if you know Hal. He leads large and I wish I could lead like that. He challenges people straight up and gets results!!!
Craig Groeschel is one of the guys on swerve and I love his transparency. He is one of the wisest church leaders I know of but never comes across as arrogant. He is down to earth. He challenges people to a higher standard but remains relevant to today's unchurched. He takes risks and I like that.

Take a second and tell me about your favorite ministry blogs and why you read them. Leave a comment.


Hal Mayer said...

Thanks for the props! Hang in man

Brian A. Moon said...

No problem :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check out Hal's site...a few on my list are:

Brian A. Moon said...

I agree those are good sites too. I checked your site out also. Some good stuff. Thanks for sharing and reading :-)