New Series, A Move, New Series...

Happy New Year to everyone that spends a few minutes reading the Church Insider!

I just got back from a vacation to the South Carolina and BOOM the New Year has hit the ground running! First a side note... Church of the Suncoast did not meet again the Sunday after Christmas. This was only the second Christmas in our short history and we once again felt like we just should give everyone a week off. AND, once again it proved to be a good thing. It really tells your volunteers that you appreciate them enough to give them some guilt free time to just relax, be a family, or even just go and sit and soak in another church.

Back to this new year of 2008. We kick off a new series called Life 101 this weekend so that is always a busy time. Our new media guy was busy helping me get new graphics together and message intros created, new programs... It is going to be a great little two week series that I think will set the tone for our church in 2008.

We also are making our 4th move in our 20 month history on January 20th. We are moving back to the area we started the church to the brand new Rushe Middle School. This hopefully will be our home for the next few years. It is a great facility, has a huge cafetorium, and a lot more visibility from SR 54. It will be nice to be back. The 5 month detour to Martinez Middle was a challenge, but God was faithful and I know there was a purpose behind His plan.

One big downside to the new school is they are not allowing us to store anything on campus! Ouch! So, we had to buy a new trailer. This time 20 x 8.5. We are going to build out some 2 x 6 x 6 carts that have doors on them. We will then store everything for our nursery in one, everything in our children's in one, hospitality in one, stage stuff in one, and we already have a sound cart and sound crate. Should make things a lot easier and more organized. I'll post some plans when they get drawn up.

So a lot of busyness with another move. New signs, new equipment, new postcards, a NEW BILLBOARD!!! A lot of stuff.

Then we kick off another new series called iMarriage on the 20th :-)

My guess is your schedule is already full too. So let's keep each other accountable. This year in all the stuff we have to do. Let's keep our priorities straight:

God (not just message prep)
Kids (if you have them)

That sounds about right... Tell me what you think. Keep the conversation going:

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