That "Moving" Feeling Again...

This Sunday Church of the Suncoast has our last service @ Martinez Middle School. This school has been our temporary home for the past 5 1/2 months. We were forced out of our last school and could not get into our new school until now so we had this lay up time there. It is in a different community then we had started in and proved to be a challenge. BUT, the management team and I have that "moving" feeling again. It's time to move once again. This will be our fourth move in less than 2 years!!! So I thought I would once again share some of the thoughts I have on moving an entire church:
  1. Promotion. We are sending two postcards back to back next week. One let's people know about the move and the next promotes the new series. We also are putting out 30 "NOW @ Rushe Middle" yard signs. On Christmas Eve we did a promotional video about the move. AND, we will have our first billboard up on 2.1. We also will be giving everyone at the service this Sunday a map. Sounds simple but some people just don't know their way around. Our new website will also be up by next week!!!
  2. Volunteers. You always need more volunteers when you move. Honestly, I have probably not done as much as I could here. We will make a big push this Sunday when I cast a little vision about why we are doing what we are doing. The best way to get new people is just to ask. Our task is the ask! Another great way is get them doing some task for the move and that will often translate into a permanent serving position.
  3. Equiptment. Get it early! We didn't have to get much this time... we got a new trailer, new main speakers, some stuff for the kids, and that is about it. Start working on it early though and put a plan together mapping out when you need what. The last thing you want is to not get something you need for that first Sunday.
  4. Early Set Up. An absolute must is to get in there a day or two early for set up. Again there will be new challenges and things that don't work from the old place. Get in there on a Friday night so that you can hit Wal-mart, Home Depot, Sam Ash or Radio Shack on Saturday.
  5. Take It Easy. I keep telling myself this as the days get closer. Just take it easy. Everything will work out. God is good...

Moving an entire church is never easy, but know that growth is always the by-product.

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Hal Mayer said...

Praying for you guys to hit a home run!

Brian A. Moon said...

Thanks Hal. I'll settle for a double or tripple... tired of the singles :-)