First Sunday @ Our New Location

Well Sunday came and went for Church of the Suncoast at our new location, Rushe Middle School. Both of the mailers we did got messed up by the guy we used and so leading up to Sunday I was miserable. I was angry, frustrated, confused, and depressed. I was also very anxious because you always want a good start to build on your first Sunday at a new place. Sunday came and God made it clear He was bigger than postcards. We had a great first crowd that was full enough to make the room seem alive and that things were happening at Church of the Suncoast. Both of the mailers will hit this week so we should have a nice number this week too. It felt good and felt like the parachute we had been running with at Martinez Middle was finally cut. I should have some pictures up by the end of the week. And, hopefully get back to blogging some stuff that might actually help someone.

Thanks for reading and praying for our move.


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