Informing --OR-- Inviting?

I just came across this idea and I think this might be huge. I am still waiting to see if it works... but the idea is worth passing along here on The Church Insider. So here goes:

As a pastor we get to talk about church all the time. There are a couple people that work in the same plaza where we have our office that all know me, and know what I do, and know when the church meets, and on and on. I tell them about the church all the time. I inform them about the church, "Hey, you should come some time..." BUT, have I ever actually invited them? Have I ever said, "Hey, we are starting a new series about marriage this Sunday at 10am at our new location Rushe Middle School. Would you come this week as my guest?" I inform people about the church, but do I ever make a specific invite for a specific date?

I think that is a huge difference and I am anxious to see how it works. I'll keep you posted.

Tell me your thoughts on inviting. Leave a comment and keep the conversation going.


Anonymous said...

To me, that is the key. People do not care what you know until they know you care. A vague invite is like saying "come if you want". But a direct invite says "I care about you and want you to come."

My two cents.

Brian A. Moon said...

I agree! It's like telling someone we should do lunch and then asking them to lunch on Friday.