Big Bucket of Suck Sunday!

I have a friend Paul Wirth who calls bad situations a big bucket of suck. We had one of those on Sunday at Church of the Suncoast. Here is the timeline as best I can remember it:

6am - Arrive at the school for set up. No big suck here.
7am - We notice that the part of the school we don't use, but store some empty carts, was under about an inch of water. We told the custodian and kept on setting up.
8:30am - The vice principal arrives and tells us we can't meet today! We could have, but they just wouldn't budge even after my best persuasive argument.
8:30 - 9:45am - We pack everything back up and send some people to our 1,200 sq ft warehouse to get things set up to try to do church there. Hey we even had coffee and donuts still!!! But for kids space we rolled out some carpet and pillows and they just hung out in the back of the room until the message time when they went out to the amazing parking lot for games and paper airplanes!!!
9:45am - We unpacked the remaining stuff we needed from the trailer and send people back to the school with maps and that we will be meeting at 10:30 and not 10.
10:15am - We open the doors to the Warehouse.
10:30am - We start the service with one projector on the wall that was just covered a little by the florescent light. The band had all acoustic guitars, the drums and bass were in an amp along with the lead vocal (who was sick and lost his voice on the last song). We also had issues with MediaShout so during my talk people kept looking over my head at the stuff on the wall. All in all about 70% of our normal crowd found us and no one really complained.
11:30am - The service ended and we started packing stuff back into the trailer but left early for our volunteer thank you at Shane's Rib Shack.
12:30 - We got to Shane's and 50+ of our volunteers showed up for free food and fun!
1:30pm - Headed back to the Warehouse to pick up and get ready for our student ministry Christmas party also at the Warehouse.
3:30pm - Came home to a sick wife and a quick shower and 30 minutes of TV time.
6:30pm - 8:30pm - Back to the Warehouse for student ministry party.
9pm - Got an e-mail from someone who lives near the Warehouse complaining and telling me he was going to call the county about us.

9am - Got a phone call from the school telling us we can meet on Sunday but that we can't use the stage until January! SUCK! So we are trying to get creative with folding stage stuff and figuring out the lighting. Help!

Something big must be about to happen at our Christmas Eve services because this has been a big bucket of suck :-)

100 People in a 1,200 sq ft Warehouse for Church on the Fly:


More than meets the I said...

Brian this qualifies as a bucket of SUCK.. It can only get better.

Brian A. Moon said...

And it has a little. We can use part of the stage for Sunday now. Our custodian rocks and is another reason why you take care of the people that take care of you. Cya man, have a great Christmas!