Land / Building for the Suncoast

Don't get too excited from the title... This is not a BIG announcement. BUT, the new Publix that opened today in front of the school where we meet does have a lot of open out parcels. And, when I say a lot just imagine all the things they "say" about our economy as true all in one location. Right now it looks like a Publix and about two other shops and then empty, empty, empty...

So, we have a call into Equity One to see if they would be willing to lease a building and land to us for 10 years. Right now Publix will not allow non-profits in the same plaza, but the location we are looking at is technically across Sunlake Blvd and would not cause traffic / parking problems. So say a prayer for the people at Equity One and Publix.

They would build the shell of the building which would be 13,000 sq ft and we would have to build it out and then also pay the monthly rent unless they gave us a tax write off. Again say a prayer. We are going to two services on January 18th of 2009 and if we fill those by the end of 2009 we really don't have any other options at Rushe. At least right now. So again, you guessed it. Say a prayer.

These are exciting times for Church of the Suncoast. I can't wait to see what happens in 2009.

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