Don't Be Hatin'

From the Urban Dictionary:

"Don't be hatin"
A phrase you might have heard from Malibu's Most Wanted. MEANS: don't be a hater don't dislike somebody because you're not them. Don't hate on somebody because of your jealousy
Yo, don't be hatin. Why you hatin on me. Don't hate me cuz you aint me.

As I read this morning in Galatians 5 I came across this:

"The fact that I am still be persecuted proves that I am still preaching salvation through faith in the cross of Christ alone." Galatians 5:11 LB

The main idea here is that Paul was defending himself by saying because people were still hatin' on him proves he was still preaching an offensive Gospel of faith in Jesus alone, not religious traditions.

God kind of hit me over the head with this (because of some religious people hatin' on me) by saying don't be surprised when religious people bash you. When you preach about my love and grace it will offend religious types and they will attack because they feel threatened by true grace.

So from now on I am spending a moment in each hatin' comment or e-mail then trashing it forever. I'm letting myself feel it all but then moving on. Why? Because I always want to preach an offensive Gospel of faith in Christ alone!

Anyone have any thoughts? Leave a comment but don't be hatin' !!!

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