Friends Who Treat You Like An Enemy

I was reading in Galatians this AM and came across this. Paul writes:

"You were very happy then, but where is that joy now? I am ready to testify that you would have taken out your eyes and given them to me if that were possible.16 Now am I your enemy because I tell you the truth?" Galatians 4:15-16

When I read that it was like God hit me over the head and said: "Brian, this is going to happen to you as a church planter / leader. If this happened to Paul then it will happen to you. People at the church that once welcomed you and were excited about serving the church will turn into enemies. BUT, keep telling them the truth. AND, keep leading them!"

Wow! I still don't know how all that looks, but isn't that the truth. If you have ever stuck your neck out and led or started a church it is the strangest of relational realities. One minute people are welcoming you and trying to be your best friend and the next they are slandering you behind your back and treating you like you are the enemy. I don't know why that happens but I at least now feel some comfort in knowing the Apostle Paul pissed people off too!

Pastor, be encouraged! Be a leader! Leaders lead and sometimes that ruffles a few "friends". Just ask Paul one day.

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