A Little Help From My Friends

If you have followed me on Twitter or you read the post on Monday then you know we got kicked out of our school at 8:30am on Sunday due to a water main break under the school. Right now the bill to fix the place is at about 1.2 million! Wow! Glad we don't own that place! Yea for portable church right?

BUT, with all of this coming the week before our biggest week of the year it has been crazy busy and forced us to get creative with the stage and stuff. I just wanted to give a shout out to the people making it happen in the face of a tough deal:

First to all the volunteers that got "church" from one location to another in 2 hours and still had some sound, video, coffee!!! Wow. You guys are the best volunteers I have ever worked with. You will do whatever it takes I love that about you all.

Then I want to thank the staff. Linda and Rita just started doing the stuff and made it happen at the Warehouse. Steve got the band set up and still got through a rehearsal in that time. Crazy stuff I am telling you! Andre has been working on like 6 videos this week, no lie! And, this Sunday will be great and Christmas Eve will be off the hook yall! DO NOT COME LATE! The experience will begin from the parking lot to the pre-service stuff and the opening will be hot! Suncoast send your staff a thank you e-mail this week!!!

I also want to thank some church planting friends of mine. First Danny Schaffner loaned us some extra stage so that we can fit everyone with our limited stage use this week. Then Paul Wirth gave us some invite card sleeves so that we can create a cool little way to get invite cards in some creative places. Church planters are the most generous guys in the church world!

Finally, I want to thank our set up guys. They are having to come in at 8pm on Saturday night and do set up because of the changes in the stage. What a great group of guys! These guys are my church hero's! Week in and week out they are the ones that make it happen! Mad props fellas!

This Sunday and Christmas Eve are going to be amazing events in the life of our church. There would not be this much resistence if God wasn't about to kick a dent in the size of hell!

Sunday - 10am @ Rushe Middle
Christmas Eve - 5pm & 6:30pm @ Rushe Middle

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