Easter 2009 Re-Cap (Go God)

All I can say about Easter 2009 is go God! Wow! What a day at Church of the Suncoast!

First some numbers and then some detail:

Attendance - 215
(new record)

Accepted Christ - 3

First Time - 17
Second Time - 10

Now some detail:

The morning started with set up at 6:00am. We had some new stage stuff we rolled out this week and it looked awesome. The band showed up about 8:15am and ran through the set. We did three Lee McDerment songs and ended the service with a Jason Mraz song. Really tough wording but the band did great. We ran through the service about 9am and then time to open the doors to see what happened.

I was very anxious to see how the attendance would be. We have been on spring break this week and the only marketing we did was personal invites and some yard signs we put out over the past two weeks. Things had been low in March after a great January and February so I was secretly praying for 200 people which would have been the first time we crossed into the 200's at our 3 year old church plant.

The first service was obviously less attended than the second but it was a good crowd. In fact the service went so well in the first we put that one online. The second service was packed out!!! First time we had seen the room totally full again after going to two services.

We started a new message series called Why Worry and tied it all into the cross. Three people accepted Christ on Sunday. That never gets old!!! The service run down was like this:

Pre-Service "Need to Know" welcome video, Song - "Our God is Love", Welcome - Gave out some similar series CD's, Songs - "We Stand" & "Overcome", Video about silly worry, Message, Song - "Remedy (Won't Worry about My Life)", Offering w/ Old Hymn Video.

A lot more people stuck around for tear down than I thought and by 1:00pm the trailer was packed and we were rolling out of the school.

To all the volunteers you guys rocked it on Sunday! To all the staff, I noticed how hard you worked and thank you. To everyone that invited someone whether they came or not, you were more like Jesus this week than you even realize!

Will you join me in celebrating all this in prayer and pray that God makes what happened Sunday "sticky" for this week.

Go God!!!

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