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Pressure points. Leading ourselves & leading laterally and leading up…

***We need to be learning but we also need to be building into the leaders around us when we get back. Within our church and outside our church.

Transitioning – style, season, the next level. Pray through it. Have lots of conversation about the vision. Is this just a change or does this help us accomplish the vision. Ask questions hoping people arrive at the same destination together like they came up with it. Spend time getting people on board before you make the big decisions. Sometimes people just need to be heard. Bottom line is you will have to make a decision but press through; you will lose staff / friends, but press on if God has called you. You have to know the people are on the team in these deals. (In really big deals there is credibility to bring in someone from outside) Communication in king!!!

Portable to Permanent. Stay portable as long as possible. Make it as easy as possible on your volunteers. Spend the money to make it easy. When you do move prepare your staff. Pressures change, have greater expectations. Becomes more self – seeking. Might not double as soon as you think in size. Have to figure out the set up team guys and how to involve them. Have to preach vision hard!!! Try to avoid that sense of arriving!

Leading Yourself. God has to do a work in us before He can work in the people we lead. So what needs to change in your life? Are we so wrapped up in ministry that we have abandoned our relationship with Jesus? If we don’t stay healthy we will screw up or burn out. Read Choosing to Cheat by Andy Stanley.
Steps: God gets our attention, sense of urgency for change. But, we usually skip discipline so it doesn’t stick. Ideas: protect the dinner hour, take a few minutes when you get home if you need it, spend some alone time, put away money for vacations, take a day off each week, movies – escapes…, (our most blessed area is also where we will most be tempted and if we don’t keep God in it we will worry about it!) date night, write down what God is teaching you, wrap up the day with your spouse in bed, prioritize your day and week to give you some down time, pass off your daily stuff like e-mail, calendar, stay up with the culture. Be open to criticism. Don’t forget you are a servant.

Tony’s schedule:

Sunday – Services all day. NO Saturday services for health of staff.

Monday – Thursday daily check in meeting first. Q: “What is the one thing that if you get it done you will feel successful?” Easy way to know what is going on with each other.

Rest of the day:
Senior management team meeting w/o Perry

Then SMT w/ Perry.

Tuesday – Creativity meetings with Perry. No meeting time after that in the afternoon.

Wednesday – Time with his team / staff. Afternoons open for whatever comes up.

Thursday – Morning open. No meeting time in afternoon.

Friday – Day off, get stuff done at home, writing.

Saturday – Day of rest, family day!!!

Blocking off time is NOT natural!!! Some seasons you have to get in there and do it to set the vision but you can’t stay there to be where God wants you. At some point you can’t have “tasks” on your plate anymore. You need an assistant that can do things for you!!! God has wired someone within your church to do this for you and if you don’t find them you are keeping them from doing what God wants them to do. You need to stop doing some things today!!! Some things you love being able to check off your list!!!

Delegation. Do a 60-day contract.

Turnover. Get the right people in the right places! Semesters to try it. Create a place to belong to.

Systems Filter: Do we really need it? Will it make life easier? If we didn’t do this what is the worst thing that would happen?

Leading Up & Leading Among our Peers.

Things Perry Noble most wants in staff people:

· Pray that God puts His vision inside of me (the leader).
· Make sure that you can support that vision.
· Loyalty is priceless.
· Do as much as you can to take things off his plate.
· Always be incredibly honest.
· Encourage me to take time off.

Leading your peers:

For you to understand not only what is going on in your church but those other ministries out there. Help people stay focused! Help people keep things simple! Ask questions rather than give answers. Empower teams (big difference between delegation and empowering them). Realize some people might be “slower” than you like. Be bold. Be truthful. Be loyal to them.

Young Leaders: Pride & Fear – Combat through humility by humbling ourselves before God.

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