Working on a Job Description

We are about to hire our first full time staff person (other than myself) at the Suncoast. We have two part time staff and one volunteer staff member right now for our 3 year old church plant of about 200 people (depending on the weekend). I by nature have a hard time putting things in my head into words. That is why I write out everything I say in my messages. So, when it comes to hiring someone and the need for a job description it has been like pulling teeth for me. But, here is what I have come up with for our next hire:

Title of the position
Director of Ministry Operations

Lead Pastor

Overall responsibility
To build, train, and quip teams of people to do the ministry operations of Church of the Suncoast

Key areas of responsibility

  • Monday - Thursday
  • Do Sunday speakers Power Point
  • Update announcements & communication for print or for website
  • Proof the website after it has been updated by Webmaster
  • Send the weekly e-newsletter
  • E-mail & call your volunteers for Sunday (Greeters, Ushers, Parking, Set Up / Tear Down, Tech)
  • Connect with volunteers
  • Pick up the programs as needed from the printer / fold and stuff the programs as needed
  • Package Sunday gift bundles
  • Maintain the message series cd’s & albums
  • Maintain the info table supplies
  • Enter guest data
  • Monday assimilation mailings (Assimilation system)
  • Maintain office supplies
  • Keep up with staff receipts and meet with our book keeper
  • Take on random projects from the Lead Pastor
  • Dream!!!

  • Run Sunday hospitality and info area set up
  • Meet with greeters, ushers, parking teams
  • Make sure the physical environment is clean and ready to go
  • Make sure volunteers are ready to go
  • Orchestrate elements of the service as needed
  • Recruit new volunteers
  • Run hospitality and info area tear down

    Possible responsibilities
  • Run our Community Groups (Semester system by Nelson Searcy)

Consults with
The Management Team (Key staff)

Term of employment
90-day probation, possible benefits

Must agree and buy into the vision of the Suncoast, Microsoft office, ability to build teams, must have an eye for detail.

That took way longer than it should have but like I said I have a hard time getting things from my head to paper. This person needs to be a leader and not just a doer. The goal for this person is to build teams for this stuff and strengthen the teams we already have in place for greeting, ushering, and the parking lot. I also need someone that can by my face and voice at times so they need to be able to react and respond like I would based on the vision on the Suncoast.

I can't wait to see who God brings... this has been a faith building process for sure!

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