Looking Back on April @ the Suncoast

This past Sunday was the final Sunday in April so even though the month has a few more days, for me the month is over as I am getting ready for next Sunday (May 3). So I thought I would put down some random thoughts from April at Church of the Suncoast.
  • First of all God blew my socks off on Easter. We had 215 people and 3 people accepted Christ on that day! That was the first time I had been praying for a number and God not only meet it, He blew it up! I had been praying for 200. Our previous high came in Feb of this year at 175.
  • Another go God is there have been 5 people that have took their first steps with God this month! That never gets old and I never want to just assume that will happen each week. So far this year 15 people have accepted Christ AND there has been 17 Sundays. It happens almost every week but I never want to just gloss over what God does here. Our church is a safe place for people to invite their friends and a place God uses to bring people to Him that some churches just won't. So cool.
  • This month also marked the 3rd Birthday for the Suncoast. We started in April 2006 and if you missed the birthday video click HERE. I don't know how many "true" church plants make it to 3 years anymore? But, I do know God has been faithful to the Suncoast. We don't always get it right. I am not the best leader in the world. We are just now about to hire our first full time staff person (other than me) so we have worked mostly with awesome volunteers, but three years later the Suncoast's best days are ahead of us and we keep growing. We have not had explosive growth in those three years, but there has always been growth and the resources to facilitate that. God does provide when we are obedient.
  • On a personal note this month also marked the start of my coaching network with Tony Morgan in South Carolina. This 6-month network is something I kind of rolled the dice on because I felt like I was getting lazy as a leader. Not lazy as in not doing anything. In fact that is part of the problem. I am DOING TOO MUCH!!! I have been so busy doing that I know it has hurt my leadership. So I am hoping this time investment will pay off in me doing less and learning how to lead wiser!
  • On another personal note this month has been one of the hardest on me. I have just had this nagging gloom kind of hanging over me when it comes to the church. Even though God has been doing some cool things I still get really bummed after each Sunday. Trying to pray through it because I know people see it on my face. It is a thin line between being the positive leader and letting people see the real you. I struggle with that. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve too much. The last thing I want is for my attitude to spill over onto the staff and volunteers and cloud their perspective on what God is up to.
  • Looking forward to May I can't wait to see what happens with the Easter crowd. Will they come back? When? How many? What is next for the Suncoast? What will this summer be like. Will God blow things up like He has the past 2 summers with record numbers? Guess you will just have to come and find out :-)

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