New Sunday Programs

This week at the Suncoast we roll out a new direction for our Sunday program / bulletins. You can click on the pics below, but the big changes are the size.

They are smaller than a 1/2 page.

They also do not have any announcements in them! "What no announcements?" We realized that no one reads the announcements anyway! So why go through all the time it takes to get them to the printer each week so they can be printed. When people have just one option they are more likely do it. So each week we will make one big announcement from the stage and point them to our website for more info or to the communication card to sign up.

There is also an attached offering envelope to this program. Something we have not done in the past. This way someone giving cash can get credit, and if they want they can mail in their gifts later that week.

Finally, cost was an issue. Since the outside is all that changes we were able to get 5,000 shells done for pennies. Then the only cost is the outside printing for each series and its cover graphics.

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