Trying Something New

This Sunday we make a big announcement at Church of the Suncoast that we are doing something a little different with our Community Groups this summer. We are taking a big risk and I am not sure many other churches in the nation are trying this... but like most everything at the Suncoast this is a grand experiment. If it works, we meant to do that. If it doesn't then oh well, we tried and learned something that doesn't work.

So here is my challenge if you are a church leader... try something new!!! Really, change something up, try something you have always wanted to try but were too scared to implement. I don't think God is honored when we get so married to our systems that we can't move when He does.

Just some food for thought this Friday.

As for the big change in our groups for the summer? Ha... you thought I was going to tell you. Not until Sunday. Have a great weekend, praying for your church, try something new!!!

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