Feeling Dry (Just Like Florida)

For the past 3 years the State of Florida has been in a drought. In fact things have gotten so bad that you can't wash your car at home and you can only water your lawn by hand once a week. I even heard a guy on the radio this morning talk about brown being the new beautiful and how we can't keep all these nice green lawns anymore. Things in Florida are dry. And, what we really need is a Tropical Storm or two to bring us back to normal. We always fear Hurricane Season and we pray, "God please don't let one hit us" but that is how Florida for centuries has replenished it's water tables.

Personally, I have been in a little drought myself. Spiritually, emotionally, and even physically last week when I was sick I kind of feel "dry". I shared this with a guy this morning at breakfast and he said that was really good to hear that even the pastor goes through dry times. So I am going public with my dryness. If you are feeling dry spiritually today you are not alone. The Bible is filled with stories of people that chased hard after God but went through dry times in their lives.

And, like I said I have been in one for a little bit now. This year has been crazy busy. We lost a staff member at the beginning of the year and having to pick up that slack has been crazy. Trying to protect the "product" on Sunday's and still run the rest of the church has taken its toll on me all the way around and it really hit me on Sunday. I had a bad day you might say.

But, I find it interesting that we are doing a series that has been on my heart for a long time right now on worship. Kind of a God thing because just like Florida needs a storm to hit and just soak us with rain, we need to be hit by a storm of worship. Our corporate worship needs to be blown around with passion and excitement for God and all He has done. We need to be drenched in His presence before we ever even walk through the doors on a Sunday. How can we expect our "worship services" to "do it for us" if we have neglected to worship God the other 6- days of the week? The music, message, creative elements, serving... it will be like a drop in the bucket spiritually when you need downpour if we have not been worshipping all week.

So my challenge to myself and everyone else is lets come to church already worshipping this week and not show up to worship. Let God pour Himself out on you this week and let's come to church wet!

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