Not long after we started Church of the Suncoast I started praying a prayer that I have come back to from time to time but today I stopped for a second to look at how God had been answering it. The prayer was that 1,000 people would accept Christ because of this church.

Well as we sit here about ready to celebrate our third birthday in April, and with a few more on Sunday, there have been over 120 people that have let us know they have accepted Christ right here at Church of the Suncoast!!!

I share this today because about a month ago I was convicted that the only numbers I should ever brag about were God's numbers. The people He was reaching and drawing them to take their first steps. I am blown away that I get to be used in the process along with the dozens of people at the Suncoast that invited, befriended, and prayed for these 120.

I also share it because what a shot in the arm that our vision is taking shape. We have always been a church for people that have been turned off by church or for people that have never come to church period! So to see that God has honored that is a huge faith boost!

I also share it because there are still thousands and thousands of people that need to be at the Suncoast. My prayer, my passion, my purpose is to do everything I can to help facilitate and create an environment where God, and our people, can partner is helping people take their next steps with God.

As Easter gets close my question for all of us, and really myself is:

Who are you bringing?

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