Church Planting Myths by Perry Noble

Seven HUGE Myths In Church Planting
by Perry Noble

#1 - There is a way to do church…and my way is it!
Be VERY careful what you speak against…you will probably put it into practice one day! There isn’t ONE WAY to do church…there are many ways. Our job as church planters is to seek God for HIS specific vision for our church.

#2 - Details do not matter
I used to say this…until I read through the first five books of the Bible and began to see how focused God was on the details! EVERYTHING the church does MATTERS!!!

#3 - I should allow anyone to do ministry who says they are called.
We used to have a philosophy, “If you want to start a ministry, go for it–we will support you!” THAT was one of the dumbest things we ever said!!!

Just because some people have a HEART for ministry doesn’t mean they have the calling for it! “But they love to (FILL IN THE BLANK…sing, teach, etc.).” I am sure they love to…but passion for something doesn’t always equal calling.

#4 - These people will always love me
Not trying to be a pessemist…but I remember hearing someone tell me that the people who started the church with me would not always be with me. I thought, “no way…we are all in this together.”

Sure enough…a year into the plant around half of the core group was gone. The people who begin with you usually won’t stay with you because they have a hard time handling change…and they hate losing access to you!

#5 - Launching new ministries is a sign of success
This myth KILLS momentum. Churches naturally think that doing “more” is a sign of success…I say it is a sign of stupidity! People always expect a growing church to do “more,” and because of that ministry across the board usually winds up getting watered down.

#6 - Numerical growth means we are doing everything right
If you believe this myth…then you will also be tempted to believe that you are doing everything wrong when you are not growing…thus making the church all about what you do and not about what God does.

I do believe God blesses with numerical growth; however, I believe He will bless WHEN the church (and the leadership) is ready…and not before. AND…numerical growth from the church split in your town doesn’t mean you are doing everything right…it just means that the life sucking leeches (in most cases) have latched on to you…and they will leave you as soon as you don’t give them what they want!

#7 - Defending what we do should be one of our top priorities
I WISH someone would have told me to NOT WASTE TIME defending what we did here at NewSpring.

Dang it! I wasted so much energy and had way to many “freak outs” about what bloggers and naysayers were saying. One of the things I used to believe is that I could win critics over…that if I could just talk to them…if they could just see my heart then they would change their opinion.

SO…instead of focusing on what God wanted to do for our church I spent time defending what He was doing…until He finally taught me that HE doesn’t need me to defend Him…but rather to OBEY Him!

Church planter–do what God called you to do…if people are speaking out against you…it probably means God has spoken into you and you are being obedient.Don’t waste the time God has given you on those who don’t like you…ever! If what you are doing is of God then critics can’t stop it!

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