Unleash THIS Week

This week my wife and I are heading to the Unleash Conference in South Carolina. I have never been to Unleash (I have been to the Leadership Summit, C3, & Drive) so this is really exciting for me. I will be blogging my notes from the day on Thursday night so stay tuned for those. I might blog them live if I can get my computer to hack into NewSpring's signal.

I also get to go hang out with Tony Morgan at his house Wednesday night. For those of you that don't know who Tony is let me put it like this. Let's say this was a sports deal. You have your top teams, your medium market teams, and then you have the bottom teams. This would be like getting to do dinner and hang out with the GM of one of those medium market teams that is also one of the fastest growing and making a real name for themselves. So I say that to say I am stoked! "I am all jacked up on Mountain Dew Chip..." (Not sure why but that is the second Talladega Nights reference this week)

Here is why I like conferences. I know some guys say they don't go because conferences are for guys that can't get it done. Hey I know I can't get it done. If I could get it done then I would be leading my own conference. BUT, for me a church or leadership conference is a time to get away from the day to day stuff and get some perspective. The biggest changes in my leadership and in our church have come on conferences.

I think back to C3 a number of years ago and a talk Andy Stanley did about checking the guages and from that point on that has been a part of every team I have led. It is little things here and there like that. That is why I go. PLUS, they are fun, I get to meet new people and for a change I get to sit in a seat and worship and learn like everyone else does every Sunday at Church of the Suncoast.

So thanks to the staff for picking up the slack this week and I will be back Sunday, don't worry, you don't get rid of me that fast. Stay tuned for the notes from Unleash and the fun at Tony Morgan's house!

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