Please Critique (My 300th Post)

This is the 300th post here at the Church Insider!!! Wow, I didn't know I had that much to say back when I started in late 2007. I am not a daily blogger like some. As a church planter my time is focused on growing and leading Church of the Suncoast. But I also have a passion for church planters and those leading other ministries that are trying to do church different from the past. I try to stay up to date with trends, the culture, and I love creativity in any form. So anytime I think we have a good idea or I see a good idea it goes here on the blog.

BUT, I need your help!!! I am trying to find my audience and what kind of content you like, what you would like to hear more about, stuff like that. So if you would take a minute or two and give me some feedback I would be very grateful. I know there are thousands of blogs out there. You can read any one's blog but you take a minute or two a couple times a week to read mine. That is so cool and I want to make it worth your time!!!

So PLEASE leave a comment with some feedback on what you would like to see in the next 300 posts.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian! You asked for feedback, so here it is: (Very impressed with your amount of blogs) I read your posts, and while they are interesting, I believe that you could be a little more transparent. While we are gaining an understanding of your church, we really don't know who you are, or your family life. I think people want transparency in a pastor. They want relatability. You can keep your family protected and still tell us about them. Many people stay loyal to a church because they love the pastor, not necessarily the church, although that is important, too. He is someone they can identify with; someone they respect and admire because they see him as a human and not as a superstar. I think you are the determining factor in the "flavor" of your church and your blog. Be yourself and you will gain your audience.

Brian A. Moon said...

Thank you for the input. I will try to let people see more of the real me... in fact I have a post planned 25 things you might not have known about me... God's Best!