Fast Friday Five

Five things real fast:
  1. I think God is going to do something amazing this Sunday at Church of the Suncoast! I have been praying for God to show up. Our numbers have been down the past three weeks but even if they don't come back this week if God does then I know big things will happen.
  2. We are doing part two of our new series "What's God's Will" and you will only be able to see this series live! You can still get the podcast on our website or iTunes but the videocast will not be back until Easter.
  3. I have been reading through the Book of Acts and it is amazing how God shows you things at different times. The last time I read Acts it was dull and dry. This time I have been through two highlighters!
  4. Be praying for the people at the Suncoast. We have had a couple deaths, surgerys, and financial meltdowns over the past few weeks. Pray for God's protection and peace.
  5. This Sunday ends our tables up front experiment. We had tried putting some round tables up front and making them kind of a cool alternative to sitting in rows but they didn't really get people up front that didn't already sit up front. Like everything at the Suncoast we experiment and if it works we meant to do it, if it doesn't then it was an experiment.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area don't miss a minute of this weeks services:

9:30am & 11:00am

Got some good stuff to share next week on the blog!

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