Unleash Session Two

Unleash Session Two
Perry Noble

If the leadership of your church is not on fire for Jesus then why should the people be? People will come to see a fire!


1) Who is with me?

Pastor and staff relationships… things that strain it:

From the Pastor – Church hopping pastor. Do the people know you have bought into them and are there!

From the Staff – Satan wants to split the staff not the church. You start to think you do as much as the senior pastor. The pastor carries a burden you will never know!

The pastor has to know who has his back!!! Sheep don’t lead the shepherd.

2) Am I pleasing God?

God is going to put you in uncomfortable situations are you going to be comfortable or please God?

We can’t expect God to lead us publicly if we are not surrendered privately.

If God told you that you had one sermon left what would you say? Say it Sunday!

Is God pleased at the end of your service?

Ministry is received not achieved… we depend too much on our own ability.

Are we placing limits on ourselves that God has not placed on us?

What is the vision that is so big you don’t share it with people because they will think you are crazy?

3) God will we see you?

Are we providing the kind of environment where people can kiss toilets all week and then leave our church service feeling good about themselves?

Are we desperate for Jesus on Sundays? Are you begging God for His presence?

Do you want attendance or repentance?

4) What’s Next?

What you have to ask for this to continue to be a movement of God.

Are there leaders in your church to embrace this?

It might hurt and you might get knocked down but do you want the ball leader?

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