Brutally Honest Offering Video

This past Sunday we played this very honest video during the offering. Not sure if it was right or wrong, but it was honest and it was from my heart.

Our church, like many, has been trying to navigate this economy as best we can for the past year to two years. Fortunately, we had some savings we had kept from the good times that helped us get to this point. But, by this past Sunday that was almost gone. Our church has also committed to tithe no matter what! We send back out 10% of everything we take in. We believe God will honor us for our faithfulness. Our church is blessed to be a blessing!

So with the tithe looming and the money gone, here is where faith is built. Welcome to church planting :-)

BUT, the principle here applies to every aspect of life. Take a look and tell me what you think. Leave a comment.

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Andre said...

Good stuff, I am sure your faithfulness will be rewarded!

(nice blog)