Daniel Fast Day 12 - 14

See you Sunday morning to break the fast at the Suncoast.

*One word of caution... take it easy on Sunday. Don't jump back into meat and sugar all at once or you will get sick!!!

Day 12

Read: Acts 23 & 24

Pray: that God would show you anything in your life that is keeping you from going to the next level with Him. Confess that and receive God’s forgiveness. Tell God you are open and available to what He wants for you!

Day 13

Read: Acts 25 & 26

Pray: for a passion for God’s church. Pray for a passion to worship Him, to serve Him, to give to Him. Pray for a passion for those far from God in your life and this community. Pray for a passion that is contagious!

Day 14!!!

Read: Acts 27 & 28

Pray: …you have done this for 13 days now. You have read the Book of Acts! Pray according to what you feel God leading you to pray. See you at church to break the fast.

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