Real Stories from "@work"


So I missed my sales goal last month and qtr by $1,000. This means I missed my bonus. It was so hard to close out so close knowing how hard my team had worked, and that if I would have just held $1,000 dollars from August's extra I would have made September’s bonus too. But I wanted to be real and honest with how the sales fell. But, I was disappointed knowing I just missed out on $500. So I had to give it to God and said he had a reason that we didn't make it. Maybe we didn't take care of all the clients he had sent us? I was good and I told my team to be proud of what we had accomplished.

So today... I get a call from my boss and she went to her boss and they are issuing me my Qtr bonus check, because I was so close and had made such progress! That is a go GOD! You just have to trust and he will provide!

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