Daniel Fast Day Eight

*Wednesday Night: The Warehouse will be open for prayer from 7am - 7pm. Drop in as you can. 14426 Black Lake Rd. Odessa, FL. 33556

Here is today's reading and prayer guide:

Read: Acts 15 & 16

Pray: for our community. Pray for the thousands of people that do not know Jesus. Pray that God would start something at our church that could only be explained as a “God-thing,” that hundreds and hundreds of people would begin to discover Jesus in the coming months.

Stir Fry Brown Rice with Vegetables

box of instant brown rice (or bag brown rice)

Vegetables to stir fry (either fresh or frozen)

Olive Oil

Soy Sauce


Cook your rice according to package (I season my rice as well when I cook). Heat Wok on Med. High heat add 1/4 cup of Olive Oil (more or less) Give a minute for oil to get hot. Place raw onions in now if you are adding to recipe, also garlic for taste. Pour the cooked rice into Wok and stir for 4 mins add Soy Sauce to taste. Pour rice back into container it was cooked in and set aside. Now add 1/4 cup Olive Oil to hot Wok again. Then add the vegetables and lots of whatever seasonings you like. Stir until done add peanuts right before serving. This recipe is very good reheated for lunch the next day.


Lauren said...

How do you feel after 8 days of the fast? Do you plan to go back to Diet Coke after the fast?

I'll be keeping you and the church in my prayers.

Looking forward to some cereal and milk at church on Sunday!

Brian A. Moon said...

I get tired in the evenings so we have been going to bed early, but then I wake up sooner? I think I will cut back on the old Diet Coke intake, but miss it with a meal!

Hope to see ya Thursday or Sunday!