Daniel Fast Day 5 - 7

For Friday - Sunday here is your Bible reading and Prayer Guide:

Day 5

Read: Acts 9 & 10

Pray: for a friend you know need to be at the Suncoast. Pray God would move in their hearts and give you the opportunity to invite them. Ask God to give you the courage to go for the ask.

Day 6

Read: Acts 11 & 12

Pray: for all the volunteers that make the Suncoast go each week. Pray God would bless them for the time they give up. Pray they would be encouraged. Pray about how you can encourage one volunteer tomorrow and do it!

Day 7

Read: Acts 13 & 14

Pray: for Brian today as he brings God’s message to the church. Pray for him and Cheryl and their marriage to be strong and healthy. Pray that God gives him wisdom and audacious faith and courage.

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