Great Stuff for Planters by Perry Noble

by Perry Noble

Someone recently asked me on Twitter about what I wish I would have known BEFORE starting NewSpring…so, here are a few things…

#1 - Don’t say “we will never do BLANK.” BECAUSE…you probably will!

#2 - The more your church grows the bigger the target gets on your back. People who don’t even know you will form opinions of you based on something that they heard you said…and bloggers and such will make it their daily habit to read what you say/listen to you preach just so they can tear you down.

#3 - There is not a formula for growing a church.

#4 - God love HIS church WAY more than I do.

#5 - I should spend way less time focusing on being “right” and way more time on being faithful.

#6 - Comparing NewSpring to other churches will either lead to pride or feeling like a failure…I need to desperately seek Jesus consistently to see who HE has called us to be.

#7 - I should learn from everyone…despite theological differences.

#8 - Don’t yell at the entire church just because 10 or less people are mad at you.

#9 - Those who you think will always be with you won’t always be with you.

#10 - I don’t always have the best ideas.

#11 - Excellence can never be compromised just because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

#12 - Only a pastor can really understand a pastor. (I blogged about that in an article entitled, “The Pastor’s Pain!)

#13 - People will always misunderstand you…don’t waste a lot of time trying to explain yourself.

#14 - Leadership is as easy as listening to God.

#15 - One day the “traditional ideas” that I do not like will be the ones I actually developed…and that is when my motivations as a leader will be tested.

BONUS = The fights, the sleepless nights, the critics, the spiritual warfare, the long meetings, the frustration…IT’S ALL WORTH IT! When lives get changed…it’s worth it. When hell becomes less crowded…it’s worth it. When repentance takes place…it’s worth it! When marriages are restored…it’s worth it. IT IS SO WORTH everything we go through!!! SO…don’t EVER give up–EVER!!!

Those are some of the things I wished I would have known.

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