Problem & Solution Teams

At our last Management Team meeting (staff) I introduced an idea that I had been exploring about how to motivate people long term. At Church of the Suncoast we just went to two services. And, the process got our people and volunteer teams excited and motivated. We have had a couple times like this like when we made a move from one location to the next or getting ready for Easter or Christmas. But, how do you capture that excitement and motivation?

What I tried in our staff meeting was to throw out this question:

What problem would not get solved if we abandoned what God has called us to?

We had some great conversation around things like the unchurched portion of our community would be ignored, people would not get excited about church, old stereotypes would not be undone about God and church, people would not have an unexpected church experience... all good stuff that went right into our vision and what we think is a "win" on Sundays.

So then I asked:

What is the agreed upon solution?

And, again we had a great conversation with people sharing thoughts and ideas that you could tell were from the heart. In the end I think they got a little excited about doing church... me too!

So the idea is people, teams, churches need a problem to solve and then an agreed upon solution. As a leader we should be intuitive enough to find problems even if things look like they are going well. And then get people on board to solve those problems.

What problems do you have around your church or team that you could motivate people with? Leave a comment:

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