So Much Going On @ the Suncoast

Right now a bunch of exciting stuff is going on at Church of the Suncoast.

First, we are in the middle of a series called "Sex and the Suburbs" and we are also right in the middle of our - We are asking married couples to have sex for seven days and singles to abstain for seven days. Don't miss Sunday's conclusion to the series.

Second, on January 18th we are going for two! We will be going to two Sunday services, 9:30am & 11:00am at Rushe Middle. The staff and I have been going crazy trying to get all the pieces together. But, the good news is this. We have no idea what we are doing! Really, we have no idea how this will work or if people will even come. Why is that great news? Because God called us to take this risk and when God calls you can either obey or disobey. And because we have decided to obey God's lead on this we can just do all we know how to do and trust Him for the rest. If we do that, if we are faithful, then we have successfully gone to two services.

Third, we are also signing up people for our new Community Group format. We are doing a true semester system and once the sign ups end Feb 1 they are closed until May sign ups. Don't miss out get your group card filled out on Sunday ASAP!

Finally, Bay News 9 came yesterday and did a story on our billboards. They said it was supposed to air yesterday, but still no word on when it will go. When it does I will try to link to it or put it here on my blog.

So if you have been coming here looking for new thoughts and stuff... I don't have any. I am full throttle right now. Sorry guys! Thanks for reading my blog though. It means a lot that you would keep checking it out.

Stay tuned for a 2008 re-cap soon.

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