Will You Pray for the Suncoast

This Sunday is a historic day in the life of Church of the Suncoast. We will be going to two services at Rushe Middle School at:

9:30am & 11am

As we have grown over the past year we have reached the point where we need to create some new seats. Enough for a second service? Sometimes... BUT, back in the fall I felt like God was saying to me I had become comfortable and being comfortable is the enemy of growth. In the first year of the church everything was a risk. In the second year of the church things became comfortable. So as we get ready to celebrate our 3rd birthday in April I felt like it was time to take some risks. So this Sunday, Jan 18th, we will take a big risk and "go for two!"

We still need people for set up
We still need Children's team members
We still need tear down people
We still need to be inviting people

BUT, we are doing it! We are not waiting until everything is in place and we have all our i's dotted and our t's crossed. Not that we have not been working hard and doing all we can. BELIEVE me we have been doing all we can and trying to plan as well as we can. But, ultimately this Sunday comes down to trust and faith. We felt like we were supposed to take this step of faith and we are trusting God for the results and the needs.

So will you say a prayer for the Suncoast this Sunday?
  • Pray that the set up, band practice, service rehearsal goes on time.
  • Pray for the staff and all the things they will be leading.
  • Pray for my voice to hold out since I have been sick this week.
  • Pray that dozens and even hundreds of new faces come to check out the Suncoast from the Bay News 9 story, the 30,000 piece postcard, the road signs, and your invites.
  • Pray that dozens of people take their first step with Jesus!
  • Pray for all the volunteers.

One final thing to pray about... who should you ask to meet you on Sunday? That to me is the mark of true spiritual maturity. Not how well you know the Bible. Not how many doctrines you know. But, how much you have let the Gospel change you. Because if the Gospel has really changed you then you can't help but share that with people. I am praying for the people you ask to come, pray for mine too.

Church of the Suncoast... you rock! See ya Sunday!

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