Sunday & Jan 09 in the Rearview

This Sunday wrapped up the first month of 2009 at the Church of the Suncoast. That is nuts. Only 11 more months until 2010... Anyway, here are some Sunday and Jan 09 thoughts:
  • The music Sunday was nasty good. We did a couple Lee Mcderment songs: We Stand & Our God is Love. If you have not done those songs yet at your church then get on it! They stinkin' rock! Great job band.
  • This was also our first Sunday of passing off the sound and media shouting to new people at the second service. Last week the same person ran it both services. Cool to see new teams forming.
  • We had more people this week than we did last week when we did a 30,000 piece mailer and other promotion. The total was 171 people! Once again a new record for the Suncoast!!!
  • We had a couple executing errors at the first service... the biggest being mine! I started rushing things about 1/2 way through my talk. I need to relax more... I think I feel the time more knowing another service is about to happen. 9:30 peeps I love you for showing up at 9:30am. Thanks for letting me learn my way into this.
  • TWO more people accepted Christ on Sunday... Go God!!! That NEVER gets old!!!
  • This past month we shattered our old best attendance month. We averaged 150 in Jan. This month last year we averaged only 88!
  • We have now been meeting at Rushe Middle for 1-year, our longest ever at a location. AND, we are good to go for the next 6-months there! Go God!
  • We went to two service this month and didn't even know how or if people would come... took a risk on faith and God came through.

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